Tuesday quick shots

Work has been more active than usual lately with some protracted Promotion and Tenure Committee business on top of a 14-hour course load this semester, so pardon the light blogging. I do have a few quick thoughts:

  • No, I didn’t watch the Jericho season 2 premiere last night yet. 10:00 Eastern is way past my bedtime. I do have it on the DVR at home, though, so once the kids are in bed tonight I’ll be digging in. The entire first episode is online already, so maybe I’ll get a headstart if I ignore enough of my work get a break today.
  • I’ve been spending my post-kids-in-bed time at home this week watching season 1 of LOST at ABC’s website. Corey at Ubiquitously notes the huge quality difference between ABC’s online video player, which streams HD video full-screen, and CBS’s Innertube player. ABC’s version is really very impressive, with a crisp, DVD-quality presentation, non-irritating treatment of commercial insertions, and minimal hiccups in the streaming process. The only drawback is that my Macbook heats up to the point that it feels like I’m holding a hot pan in my lap while I am watching. (But the same thing happens when I watch streaming video at CBS too.)
  • I just wrote a problem for my Differential Equations class about blanching asparagus. I feel like I have really arrived as a math teacher.


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4 responses to “Tuesday quick shots

  1. I should have warned you – when we started watching LOST (after the first two seasons had aired), we ended up watching episode after episode every day for a week. There were a few nights that we stayed up till 3am, unable to get ourselves to bed on time.

    Hope you get somework done this week! : )

  2. @Maria: I keep myself to a strict one episode per night ration, except I did watch the entire pilot (which is technically two episodes) in one sitting. I could easily stay up till 3 AM watching multiple episodes if it weren’t for the fact I have to get up at 4:45 AM to be ready to get the kids up by 6:15 to get off to school by 7:00…

  3. virusdoc

    We;re absolutely hooked on LOST. We’ve purchased every episode on iTunes and we also did the midnight + marathons to catch up (we started midway through the airing of Season 2.) Ironically, I think it’s got one of the most ridiculously unbelievable storylines of any show I’ve watched, but we both seem willing to suspend disbelief infinitely.

  4. Yes, we discovered Lost the summer after the first two seasons had aired, and watched them on DVD (in less than a week, I might add). Last season was the first one we saw on live TV. Addictive TV at its best (or worst, depending on your point of view). We got extremely impatient with the third season before the hiatus (that would be the first five or six episodes), but it changed direction.