It’s ICTCM week!

ictcm.jpgOn Thursday I’ll be heading south, out of the deep freeze of late winter in Indiana to lovely San Antonio, TX for the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM). This is my first time to an ICTCM, and I’m genuinely excited about going. (Which is something I can’t say about very many conferences I have attended.)

I’ll be giving a talk at 1:10 on Friday about some stuff that I have been doing with wikis in my upper-division classes lately and about the potential role of wikis in advanced math courses in general. Of course, my talk’s time slot is only 15 minutes long, and they tell me the talk should really only be 10 minutes long, so my talk is going to be more of a conversation-starter (at least I hope so) than it is anything nearly comprehensive .

Earlier on Friday, I’ll be attending a workshop on Camtasia, which I am considering as a replacement for Snapz Pro X as my screencasting software. I’ll have more to say about screencasting and screencasting software a little later. It turns out that our IT department at the college use Camtasia to do tutorial videos, and they apparently like it very much.

And apart from those two things, which constitute sort of the official reason I am going to the ICTCM, there will be lots of other fun stuff happening. For one, I’ll be meeting up with other edubloggers — notably Maria Anderson from Teaching College Math Technology Blog and Scott Franklin from Natural Blogarithms. If you’re reading this and will be there with nothing to do Friday night, join us in the lobby of the hotel and have dinner and hang out.

Also, since the Camtasia workshop and my talk all happen between 10:30 and 1:30 on Friday, the entire rest of the conference is wide open for me to attend other stuff. They haven’t posted the full schedule at the ICTCM web site yet, but the 45-minute workshops look pretty interesting, and there ought to be a huge diversity of short talks like mine. And don’t forget the vendor exhibits, which are always among the coolest things at math conferences.

In the spirit of educational technology, blogging, math, and all the other stuff that makes Casting Out Nines more or less what it is, I’ll be blogging the conference as I go, including photos and video (hopefully; I’m taking the camera, at least). You never know exactly how much down time you’ll have at a conference, but I hope to keep a steady stream of posts coming from Thursday through Saturday.

As I told my linear algebra class yesterday, this is not only a math conference but a technology conference too — so this is the sanctum sanctorum of geekhood. Don’t you want to be along for the ride?



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3 responses to “It’s ICTCM week!

  1. Looking forward to it! Meet up at 7pm Friday in the Mariott Lobby if you’re joining us for dinner – helpful if you send an email to Robert or I so that we might be able to make a reservation somewhere.

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  3. I’ll see you there. I am also looking forware to it. I’ll be there at 7.