San Antonio or bust

Tomorrow is a travel day as I fly down to San Antonio for the ICTCM. I’m leaving from Indy around 11:00 AM and am supposed to (!) arrive around 4:30. All I  plan to do tomorrow is travel, check in to the hotel, and maybe grab a  program and plan my schedule for the conference. Given that my most recent airline experience was sheer hell, I’ve learned not to plan too much on a travel day since a “day” can end up being about 40 hours long.

I’m excited about the conference, especially at the prospect of meeting some of the folks I’ve been blogging with for years and at learning lots of cool new things. But I don’t look forward to missing my wife and kids. I don’t travel much, so it’s not easy for the girls (ages 2 and 4) when I’m gone for a few days. P, our 2-year old, is picking up speaking English very rapidly these days, and tonight she looked up at my wife and said — clear as day — “Miss daddy!” It’s a reminder that despite the reimbursements for travel and hotel that I’m getting from my college, there is still a cost involved in going to these conferences, and it’s up to me to make it worth that cost.

I hope to check in with another post once I’m there tomorrow, but I’m not planning on blogging until then. However, you can follow me on Twitter for more regular (if less substantive) updates. Yes, I know I just bashed Twitter addicts and yet there I am using it.


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2 responses to “San Antonio or bust

  1. Robert –

    I’ve noticed that you’ve been on Twitter more, I enjoy your tweets 🙂 It’s an interesting form of communication and definitely has its place. Thanks for playing along and being a good sport about the post!

  2. I actually enjoy using Twitter, really. But it does suck away my productivity, and I am so busy at work right now that I jsut can’t afford to have it around as much as I used to. But at ICTCM it may be a good way to micro-blog when I can’t macro-blog.