Jericho cancelled (again)

jericho_season_2_promo1.jpgJericho, which might be the only TV show this blog has ever highlighted, has been cancelled — again — after getting new life through an seven-episode second season. Those new episodes end this week.

I’d love to say that I am outraged that the show, so promising after season 1, was cancelled again. But honestly, during this second season the show has been a shadow of its former self. Many of the best-loved characters have been AWOL the entire season. The new characters simply aren’t compelling or believable. And the stories — which used to depend on  themes of communities and families dealing with horrifying uncertainty, isolation, and survival — now consist of trite morality tales about bad corporations and conspiratorial government officials, with thinly-disguised swipes at Dick Cheney and Haliburton. The show has gone from a unique premise that was well-executed, to a thoroughly ordinary, even dull, show with little to separate it from the pack of other CBS dramas.

Apparently I’m not the only Jericho watcher who feels this way. The ratings really reflect viewer apathy, and it was for the low ratings that Jericho was cancelled again. There’s been rumors that the SciFi Channel may pick it up, in which case I hope they treat the second season as somebody’s dream they had when they were taking a shower and just start where the first season left off.


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3 responses to “Jericho cancelled (again)

  1. So now that there’s a gap in your TV-life… try the Battlestar Galactica series (the new one). The first “episode” is really the miniseries (a few hours), and then the seasons begin after that. I think you’ll like it (remember – I suggested Lost too).

  2. My wife and I were just saying last night that we’d like to get the DVD’s for Battlestar Galactica. Wish they had it on iTunes! (Or maybe they do and I’m just looking in the wrong place.)

    The Mrs. is currently on an X-Files kick, too. It’s great to be married to a fellow nerd.

  3. I agree that the second seaosn was a bit lacking, but that was mostly because there were only 7 episodes.

    I’ve put a summary and link in our Jericho blog/news archive.