Not quite an Instalanche, but…

…I made it onto Instapundit today with an email about the housing market. Hooray for me! 2 more minutes have ticked off my 15 minutes of fame.


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2 responses to “Not quite an Instalanche, but…

  1. Eric

    I’m with you on this one. In fact, I’m watching a case study of the entire phenomenon take place on our little street corner. At present, the house immediately to the East of us is for sale for $119,000. It is run down and effectively half the square footage of our own. Immediately to our West is a house that someone is trying to flip. It is about 400 sq feet less than ours, but has been completely redone. Price tag? $144,900. Both of these houses have been for sale for 4-6 months. Now our house, which is also for sale, is in good shape, but has older windows, furnace, etc… Price tag? $118,900. In five days we had 13 showings and 3 offers, two of which were full price. Did we under price our home? Not really; we just priced it realistically (there are comparable homes in our neighborhood listed in the low to mid $120,000 range that have been for sale for over 6 months).

    As with all things, be it academics or real estate, it is worth being realistic about what one has to work with.

  2. Chris

    Instapundit, eh?