On tour and on break

I’ve got a pretty full next week ahead of me. On Friday I’ll be in South Bend at the Indiana MAA section meeting, where I’ll be in charge of administering the Indiana Collegiate Mathematics Competition (read: putting out fires and making copies and grading). On Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll be in the Chicago area giving a couple of talks on digital signature algorithms and on cryptology in general at Benedictine University. Sunday and Monday I’ll be (somewhat frantically) getting those talks fine-tuned. Next week is also spring break for us, which means it’s spring break for my kids as well, which means I’m a stay-at-home dad for a little while — perhaps the most enjoyable task of all of the above.

So I’ll be blogging only intermittently until next Thursday or so, just so you’ll know. I’ll be more likely to Twitter, so that’s where you can find me online most likely.


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2 responses to “On tour and on break

  1. Are your lectures at Benedictine open to the public?

  2. The one on Tuesday is being given to the BU Math Club, so it might be considered sort of semi-public. That one is going to be a general talk on the mathematics of cryptology. The one on Wednesday, on digital signatures, is definitely not public; it’s a guest lecture to the senior-level topics course on cryptology that Dr. Manu Kaur is running right now. Although if you or somebody wanted to come to that one and let me know, I could run it by Prof. Kaur and see if she’s OK with somebody sitting in on it.