What’s shakin’?

UPDATE and bumped: 20 minutes ago there was an aftershock from the quake this morning, magnitude 4.2 4.5. Here’s the USGS map from 10 minutes ago:

I didn’t feel the one from this morning, but I was (still am, for 15 minutes more) giving a test in a computer lab on the third floor of our library, when the floor started to undulate and the computer monitors started to sway back and forth. It lasted all of 4-5 seconds, but everybody definitely felt it. A few moments of near-panic as I contemplate what I ought to do when I’m on the third floor of an already-old building and the ground starts swaying under my feet!

I’ll keep updating if anything else happens.


Answer: Apparently most of southern Illinois and a good portion of central Indiana this morning from a 5.2 earthquake centered in Mount Carmel, Illinois. That’s about 100 miles from where I sit, and according to the CNN report the control tower at Indianapolis International Airport was evacuated for an hour after the quake. This happened at 5:30 AM, and I was in the shower and didn’t feel a thing. The first I heard of it, I was dropping my 4-year old off at preschool and her teacher asked me, “Did you feel it?” I replied, “Feel what?”

But apparently there was some minor damage in houses around here — dishes falling off the shelves and so forth — and when I get home I’m going to check the basement to make sure nothing fell down and that the foundation of the house is OK. Also, the epicenter of the quake is very close to where my mother-in-law lives, but I haven’t had time to check to see what might have happened out their way.

It’s easy to forget that there’s a major faultline that runs right up through the midwest until something like this happens.


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2 responses to “What’s shakin’?

  1. virusdoc

    Yep, felt it here. Woke us both up. No damage.

  2. I was up early (5am) for a Friday to prepare for a presentation on the other side of the state. So there I am sitting at my computer at 5:37am when I feel like my chair has suddenly started a slow wobble.

    I though … huh, that sure feels like the gentle earthquake I experienced in Equador, but this is Michigan, so I must just need to get a LOT more sleep.