(Super-)Powers of 2

Driving in to work this morning, I suddenly felt my vision go blurry to the point where I literally couldn’t see anything. Fortunately, I was able to pull off the road into the parking lot of a small office building before causing an accident. After I stopped and waited for the blurriness to subside, the first thing I saw was the mailbox for the office building, which had a street number of: 2048. Rather than wonder what the crap was wrong with my eyesight, or frantically try to decide whether to go see a doctor on the spot, instead the first thing I thought was hey: That’s 2^{11}

Then, after making it to work with no more blurry vision attacks, I walked up to my office — the same office I have been entering and exiting since summer 2001 — and looked at the office number and saw it: room 128. Of course, I’ve never had a problem remembering my office number But for the first time in seven years, I noticed, hey: that’s 2^{7}

So, maybe the blurry vision attack was me suddenly gaining the superhero power of being able to recognize powers of 2 with lightning quickness. If so, I somehow don’t see the Justice League of America saving me a seat anytime soon. 



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6 responses to “(Super-)Powers of 2

  1. Corey

    Ouch, it sounds like you’re having an episode out of Pi. Try staring at the sun a little less.

  2. Please tell me you went to see the doctor. The superhero power is useful, especially to a math guy, but the blurry vision thing will keep you from seeing them.

  3. virusdoc

    TIA. Small stroke. Go see a doctor ASAP. If it was a TIA, the first won’t be the last.

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  5. virusdoc

    Have I been banned for my melodramatic alarmist comment? Just testing, because I can’t seem to post a comment on your update…

  6. @virusdoc: Somehow Akismet classified that comment as spam. I fixed it. I have no idea why that happened. Akismet seems to have a mind of its own.