Not quite washed away

In case you haven’t seen the news, central Indiana — location of the Casting Out Nines global headquarters — has spent the last two days being hit with the worst flooding it’s seen in decades. The photo here is from the downtown area of the town where my college is located. It’s even worse in other areas, where entire towns are underwater and the whole scene looks like something post-Katrina.

We are fortunate enough to live in a subdivision that was built with pretty good drainage and near some significant rolling hills. So there was no “flooding” per se where we were — nothing like in the photo. Still, we woke up Saturday morning to the sound of prolonged, wet splattering in our basement. The drain on one of the windows in our basement had gotten plugged up with mud and grass clippings, and the entire window well was full of water and coming into the basement. I was soon out in the thunderstorm, bailing water out of the window well with a bucket, and then back down into the basement to bail more water as it came into the window well into a 13-gallon trash can and then dumping the water into the bathtub in our finished bathroom in the basement.

Then, the power went out — and the bathtub doesn’t drain when the power’s out. Fortunately we had installed a battery backup to our sump pump just a month ago, which saved our basement from being filled ankle-deep in water like our neighbors’ basements did. But we were rapidly running out of places to dump the water from the window well. Fortunately (or Providentially, as we were all praying as we were hauling water back and forth), the rain subsided just as the water level in the bathtub was maxing out, so we escaped any kind of water damage beyond what initially came in and a few slops onto the floor here and there. We had to spent the rest of the day and half the night in a steaming hot house with no A/C — which meant we spent the day driving around to look at the flooding and then hanging out in Target. It was a grand feeling to wake up at 1:00 AM and feel the cold air on me.

But that’s as bad as it got for us, and it’s a lot better than some people just a mile or so from us had it. I’m thankful that we didn’t have any damage to the house, that the kids weathered the situation reasonably well, and that we’re all more or less back to normal aside from a very dirty and sort of musty-smelling basement to contend with.

I know some of CO9s’ regulars live around here too, so let us all know how you’re doing.

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  1. BrainyRedneck

    Luckily we live up on a hill so we didn’t have much of a problem. Just down the street was flooded though. My parents own a lot over in Smith Valley and the water line on the barns we have there show it was about 4 or 5 feet underwater. It was bad enough that a trailer ended up there from about 8 houses down. It’s all an absolute disaster there.