Open memo to Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs,

I appreciate your noticing that the iPhone is prohibitively expensive for most some people. Cutting the price to $199 for the basic model is a good step. But: When the phone/data plan for the iPhone still starts at a minimum of $60 per month, cutting the price doesn’t make the thing more affordable. You’re talking about a reduction of $200 or so to a one-time startup price, but keeping the cost of ownership unchanged. Whereas, if the good people at AT&T would cut the price of the plan, you could likely keep the price unchanged and it would be a lot more affordable.

But then again, you are a genius and a rock star all at the same time, so why am I telling you this? Instead, please assert your reality-distortion field on your pals at AT&T to get them to play ball with normal people who like technology but can absolutely live without it if the price is too high. Which it is.

Affordability is a lot more than the price on the sticker of the gizmo. That is all.


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3 responses to “Open memo to Steve Jobs

  1. 3G speeds (from AT&T) are my best guess for the rise in subscription rates

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  3. havetheythoughtofthisyet

    Maybe more affordable, but not near as accessible. Here’s to hoping the RDF takes hold someday!