Calculus in 20 minutes

Here’s Ed Burger doing calculus, at warp speed but surprisingly without skipping or dumbing down much:

Kind of makes you wonder why you need a whole semester for this stuff.


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  1. “Kind of makes you wonder why you need a whole semester for this stuff.”

    Just in case the video’s not there?

  2. Neither video is working. Both say, “video no longer available.” Can you tell us more what these were about?

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  3. I have no idea why the videos are not working, but here are the links to go to YouTube and view them:

    I notice that the field which normally gives the URL for embedding the videos now says “embedding disabled by request”. But I wonder why you can go view them at YouTube but not see them here? This kind of technical stuff is beyond my expertise my a long shot.

  4. I watched the first one, and thought, “That’s the kind of math professor I’d like to have!” (not so much for his speed, but his love of his subject, and entertainment ability!)

    I had a similar problem a long time ago with a couple of videos, when I first started my blog, and it gave the same message, “no longer available.”

    I find it helpful what you’ve said here, and will go back and check the ones I had trouble with. My thought (and I’m no computer expert either) is that maybe the who PUT the video on YouTube was the one who requested that embedding be disabled.

    I don’t usually have this problem with adding videos on to my site either, but in two cases I did. So I’m thinking it’s not something WE did, but something the ORIGINAL UPLOADERS did when sending it in to YouTube.

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  5. This guy is incredible!!!! Thanks for this one.

  6. He spoke at a NY State teachers’ meeting I was at… he really is THAT engaging.

    On the other hand, while the whole thing was cute, the first few minutes where he was actually teaching were by far the best (up to the meaning of the derivative).


  7. Dan

    He was my calc 3 professor when I was a freshman at Williams! He made fun of my ponytail. 🙂