Riemann hypothesis proven?

This paper by Xian-Jin Li at arXiv purports to have proven the Riemann Hypothesis, arguably the most famous of the seven Millenium Problems. It’s just a preprint, of course, so it’s not final (or even peer-reviewed) yet. As commenters in the related Slashdot story mention, articles claiming the proof of the RH show up on arXiv about once per week, so I’m not getting my hopes up. Still, it would be a major breakthrough if it works out.


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5 responses to “Riemann hypothesis proven?

  1. Ben

    We were always taught to assume the Riemann hyopthesis.

  2. Most people are, and most people still do assume it. But it’s a big deal to actually prove it.

  3. Well he’s certainly taking a gamble with his reputation by releasing into the public domain! I understand that his PhD supervisor also produced a “proof” back in 2004…

  4. Francisco

    Terence Tao show a error in the proof of Xian-Jin Li. It sees the link below:

  5. Sal Green

    I argue that both the Riemann hypothesis AND Goldback’s conjecture are false!

    (I like throwing monkey wrenches into well established systems)