Top 100

This modest weblog has been named one of the Top 100 Liberal Arts Professor Blogs by Online University Review. I’m pleased to be put in such company as Greg Mankiw, Erin O’Connor, and Daniel Drezner. In fact, I’d encourage everyone to go to that article and browse the other 99 blogs listed, just so you can fatten up your RSS feeds a little and get plugged into some good academic blogging you might be missing.

Sadly, no cash prize accompanied this recognition.


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2 responses to “Top 100

  1. congratulations. well-deserved.
    how pleasant that they count math
    among the liberal arts . . .

  2. James Stein

    Forgive my saying, but I went through that list of the Top 100. Many – though not all – of those blogs were simple newsfeed aggregations (such as the top history blog, I forget its name now), without even editorial commentary.

    I do not know what went into that compilation, but scrutiny and good taste clearly weren’t it (no offense to your blog; I’m actually enjoying the posts I’ve skimmed thus far – I’m simply referring to the majority of the blogs they linked.)