Which domain name are you using?

Just a public service announcement/question: This blog can be accessed, for the moment, on the web through one of two domain names: https://castingoutnines.wordpress.com or http://www.castingoutnines.net. The latter is a holdover from when I used to self-host this blog, and I have it mapped to the WordPress.com domain. The thing is, I pay $8 a year to map the castingoutnines.net domain to this blog, and my one-year period is up in a few weeks. Does anybody use the castingoutnines.net domain to come here? Would it be a lot of trouble to switch to using the RSS feed or using castingoutnines.wordpress.com instead?

If you do, and it would be, then I’d like to hear you say so in the comments. Otherwise I’ll probably let the domain name mapping lapse to save the $8.


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11 responses to “Which domain name are you using?

  1. Thom

    I just re-found your web site a couple of weeks ago by resurrecting my use of NewsGator. I was subsribed to the old RSS feed. I deleted that subscription, and re-subscribed through the wordpress feed. It was VERY easy.

    I think as long as you give a reasonable heads-up you can go ahead and let the old domain name lapse.

  2. I’m probably going to hang on to the domain name itself, just in case one of these days I decide to go back to self-hosting. With WordPress.com you get the whatever.wordpress.com domain for free, but if you want to map a second domain name to your blog it costs extra. That’s the fee I’m talking about. Just FYI. Thanks for subscribing!

  3. samjshah

    I use the wordpress feed.

  4. I use the WordPress address.

  5. Jay

    Actually, I use the feedburner address http://feeds.feedburner.com/co9s-posts So what ever rss feed you have mapped to feedburner is the one I use.

  6. elementaryteacher

    I get your blog through your RSS feed (at the WordPress site), and I probably found it originally through the WordPress Tag Surfer, which I use daily.

    My personal advice would be to put on a last post at the $8 site saying that ALL future posts will be on the WordPress site, so anyone who goes there can make the switch.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas

  7. Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Big ups!