Lifetime reading list for geeks

Here’s a list of 50 Books Every Geek Should Read from InsideTech. I thought this list might go well with my request for basic reading in educational technology from a few days ago, and in fact there could probably be some overlap.

Of the books on the list, I’ve read:

For math geeks, and perhaps for general geeks, I’d add G. H. Hardy’s A Mathematician’s Apology. For higher education geeks, add on The Shadow University by Kors and Silverglate.

I think Longitude is going to go in my personal queue next.


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2 responses to “Lifetime reading list for geeks

  1. I really liked Longitude.

    I’ve started reading Gödel, Escher, Bach at least a half dozen times. I always get sidetracked trying to figure out the puzzles on my own….

  2. Brad

    Could you recommend mathematics books for geeks who want to have a general background of knowledge in mathematics?

    Thanks. Have a nice day,