Updated to add disclaimer: I don’t know whose car this is, or even if it belongs to a student or an employee of my college. If it’s your car, and you would like for me to remove this post, email me or leave a comment and I will do so immediately. I do not intend disrespect here, only a semi-humorous attempt to find irony in everyday life. My college is a good place to work and the people are great.

Here’s a scene on the way in from the parking lot a few minutes ago. My cell phone’s camera resolution is not great so I’ve printed out what all the bumper stickers say. See if you can spot the irony.

Just as with Christians who put the little fishes on their cars and then proceed to drive as though demon-possessed, if you want your philosophy to be taken seriously you at least need to make sure your bumper stickers match your actions.


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12 responses to “Irony

  1. I don’t see the irony.

    As far as I can tell, the actions *do* match the philosophy.

  2. virusdoc

    For all you know there were two giant SUVs taking up double slots on either side of the Prius when it parked, leaving this as its only parking option.

  3. rwp

    People who can’t park, along with people who don’t know that green means go, or when it’s their turn to go at a 4-way stop and wave everybody else through are one of my special pet peeves.

    Fortunately, drivers here are less idiotic than drivers in Bloomington.

  4. @virusdoc: It was 7:45 AM and the lot was basically empty, so I’m guessing no.

  5. virusdoc

    @Robert: They parked the night before, when there was an on campus event that filled the lot, and they hadn’t yet moved the car out.

    Apart from evidence to the contrary, it is my policy to assume the best case scenario, not the worst. Which is what I would want others to do for me in situations that appear compromising.

    Unless of course the bumper stickers were pro-Republican, and I would interpret things just as you have done.

  6. Billion $ Baño

    is the line on the ground supposed to represent indecisiveness? haha

  7. Dean

    Back to Chip – that comment is as foolish as saying “Had it been a vehicle with Republican stickers, it would have been angle-parked across two handicapped spaces”.

  8. Just another liberal professor

    Ah yes…no McCain supporters have ever parked illegally or have ever done anything wrong. Ever.


  9. @JALP: The moment I see a car — so perfectly double-parked that it makes one wonder if a ruler and compass were used to construct the midpoint of the car first before pulling in — festooned with McCain or other Republican bumper-stickers trumpeting moral superiority, you have my word that I will photoblog it just as honestly. In fact those with blogs may feel free to do this for me if they want. I did mention Christians with their fishes, you know.

    And you know, calling people “idiot” is really sophomoric. Please stop.

  10. Dan

    I see no irony . . .you’d have to be drunk both to park like that AND to put those stickers on your Prius, which is actually a ne tax on the environment.

    Perfect consistency.

  11. I guess my comment sparked some late reaction…

    @Dan: nah, if it had been a Republican’s car, it would have been a truck, parked in the back of the lot (what we refer to as the “no dent zone”).

    As for the handicapped spots, we’re only tempted to park illegally in them at night, when the lot is empty. 😉

    @JALP: Whatever subjects for which you are a professor, I must assume that logic and argumentation are excluded.

    Please go familiarize yourself with ad hominem, false dichotomy, and ignoratio elenchi (with a bit of denial of the antecedent), and then perhaps you can compose a response that is worthy of reciprocation.