OMG!!! This video TOTALLY shows you how to cheat on a test!!!!

OMG it’s so simple! Roll up a piece of paper with your cheat notes on it and STICK IT INSIDE A PEN! Then TRY TO READ THE TINY HANDWRITING THROUGH THE CLEAR PLASTIC during the test!

I’m sure it’s OK to immortalize dishonesty on YouTube… Because, like, NOBODY important ever checks YouTube — like teachers, employers, or The Chicago Sun-Times.

Do students really think that this works? Having a little rolled-up piece of paper with microscopic notes on so densely packed together that they threaten to collapse into a black hole, not to mention being sheathed in plastic which blurs the resolution of the notes? How could someone even find those notes legible, let alone useful?

If this young lady wants to come to my college and take a class with me and take one of my tests, I’ll look the other way if she wants to use this little pen trick, because if you haven’t learned the material, then a little rolled-up stick of notes will not do you much good. And that’s not just me and my classes. Her blog says she is going to go to a community college and get a culinary arts certificate, which makes me wonder what it would be like to be served by a chef who cheated her way all through culinary school. “Academic honesty, blah blah blah….” indeed.



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7 responses to “OMG!!! This video TOTALLY shows you how to cheat on a test!!!!

  1. rwp

    Yeah, I was giving a final a few years ago, and saw a guy looking through a big magnifying glass. I went up to where he was sitting, and saw him trying to read a cheat sheet covered with illegibly small script. I ejected him from the room.

  2. philosopherP

    I’d love to see my logic students try that — proofs on a slip of paper inside a pen.. They’d need about 50 pens to answer four quesitons :).

  3. Even worse, just about every future employer is checking the internet about prospective employees! Even if hired, I would think later finding a video like this would be grounds for later firing, as well.

    Madame Monet
    Third-Grade Teacher at an American School Overseas

  4. The methods that people use to attempt to cheat never cease to amaze me. Really, if they’ve become so unbelievably desperate that they’re using slips of paper inside of a pen, it’s likely that they’re going to fail the test, anyway. They obviously don’t know the material.

    Besides, whatever information they’ve managed to cram inside of the pen probably isn’t worth the punishment that awaits if they’re caught, not to mention the embarrassment from looking like an idiot for not understanding the material AND using such a useless method of cheating. D’oh.

  5. If only she expended half the energy on actually learning the material that she expends on figuring out how to cheat!

  6. I recently saw this video with a similar idea using a pop bottle – Rodd Lucier suggested it would be a nice performance task for a IT course.

  7. samjshah

    I thought every sentence in that video was priceless and hilarious.

    Thanks for making me laugh.