Another new venture; well, actually two.

Back in May, my wife and I found out that our lives were about to get a whole lot more interesting. Everybody, meet Harrison Lewis Talbert, our “surprise” baby and third child overall.

He may not look so big, but he’s having a huge impact on our lives. We’re very happy! But we are also definitely entering some uncharted, and unplanned-for, adventures starting in January, when little Harry is due. To chronicle all this, and since my wife and I are unapologetic nerds who will use any excuse to do something technological, we’ve started up a new family blog: The Talbert Five. We had a family blog twice before, and we tried to make them pseudonymous or password-only, and it was just either too much work (in the former case) or no fun and kind of stagnant (in the latter). So we’re making this blog wide-open and hoping not too many creepy internet people show up. (That doesn’t apply to the always-sophisticated readers of Casting Out Nines, of course.)

So if you’re interested in following what’s happening on the family side of things, hop on board.


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7 responses to “Another new venture; well, actually two.

  1. Congrats! That IS exciting.

    So let me get this straight … you know you’re going to be busier, but you’re going to start another blog? Sounds like something I’d do!

  2. I think tech-oriented people use blogs as a way to deal with the busy-ness, rather than seeing blogging as one more way to be busy. But hey, at least I have a co-blogger!

  3. Congratulations! How are the girls taking the news of a little brother?

  4. Jackie: Penny (my 2YO) the other day looked up at me in earnest and said, “I want my little brother come out!” (= of mommy’s tummy). In fact Penny wants Harry to share her room with her! Somehow I don’t think she’d be very enthusiastic about that after the 20th or so time the baby wakes up in the middle of the night.

  5. Jami

    We have our first on the way (end of March), and I’m getting nervous. I can only imagine 3. 🙂

  6. Jami: All I can do is imagine three as well… it’ll be a big jump from 2 kids to 3. We go from “man to man” defense to “zone” defense…

    Oh, and congrats to you as well on your new one.