Two questions about Google Docs

1. Why is it that, in Google Spreadsheets, you can take a two-column set of numerical data and find the slope of the regresssion line for the data, you can find the y-intercept of the regression line, and you can make a scatterplot of the data — but you can’t plot the regression line on top of the scatterplot?

2. How come, in Google Documents, there’s no rudimentary equation editing? How come we can’t have a simple Equation Editor-like pallette system for mathematical typesetting,  inline \LaTeX compiling (like blogs and Wikispaces wikis have), OpenOffice’s math typesetting syntax, or even just old-school MathML editing?

I’d be nearly ecstatic, and much more likely to actually use Google Docs for everyday purposes, if some of the smart people at Google could make either one of these two questions go away.



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3 responses to “Two questions about Google Docs

  1. And to go along with this, why can’t a table be inserted into Presentations?

  2. elementaryteacher

    Why don’t you email the staff support at Google with your questions and suggestions?

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas