Apologies for the light blogging for the last couple of weeks. As longtime readers know, I’m on our Promotion and Tenure Committee here at my college — this year I’m the chair of this committee — and we do all of our work reviewing portfolios during the month of January while the rest of the college is doing Winter Term. It’s always a challenge to manage our work so that we get all of our recommendation letters written in a reasonable amount of time, but this year there are some personal reasons that have added an extra sense of urgency.

So ever since the first of this year I’ve been spending all my time either doing these P&T reviews or trying to cram in course preps for the spring (two sections of Calculus and a section of Linear Algebra), in an attempt to get as much done as possible before the baby arrives (click on the link above for the backstory). I don’t think anybody wants me writing their tenure/promotion review or planning their calculus lessons out on the kind of piecemeal sleep  schedule parents of newborns have! Hence I’ve had little time for blogging. But no shortage of material; you’ll see, hopefully, once I have some time and energy to devote to it. 

Today is the baby’s actual due date, but he doesn’t seem too interested in coming out right now, so we are going in to the hospital tomorrow morning so my wife can be induced. (Should I refer to this event as the Induction Hypothesis?) I think you all understand that I won’t be blogging much for the next week and a half. However, do check in with my Twitter stream if you want to get some updates. 

Thanks for reading!

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