“This is a science course. Lasers are not voodoo.”

The teacher who graded this dismal paper from a physics class is either a lot  braver than I am or cares a lot less about his/her relationships with students; and s/he certainly has better artistic skills and a lot more time on his/her hands than I do:

Read the whole essay and especially the teacher’s marginalia. I think it captures the temptation of every teacher to grade papers by unloading our own cleverness onto  hapless, writing-impaired students.

But the article has a fair question — how does something this bad get a 3/3 grade?

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3 responses to ““This is a science course. Lasers are not voodoo.”

  1. What I don’t get is why a purported physics teacher is spending more time correcting language issues, while ignoring the larger, scientific errors. I’ll admit that I’m a bit on shaky ground myself when it comes to lasers, but doesn’t it seem odd to speak of “a laser that could shine for 1.25 miles”? And how does one use a laser to point out stars in the night sky?

    Ignoring all that, lasers emphatically do not help us change the channel on our TVs — that’s infrared. Or at least not lasers. I mean, imagine having to aim a laser precisely at your TVs little sensor. Ugh.

    I call fake.

  2. Jami

    I noticed on the original blog posting some one mentioned that this came from 4chan.
    Dont make the Oprah mistake… educate yourself about 4chan! 🙂 And if you dont know about that Oprah mistake just search you tube and/or google. Its hilarious.

  3. Chris

    4chan?! I’m surprised he didn’t score Over 9,000!!!