Blogging Indiana

blogindianaJust a programming note: I’l be attending the Higher Education Summit at the Blog Indiana 2009 social media conference on Thursday, August 14. Blog Indiana is held in the Informatics building on the campus of IUPUI. The main conference runs both Thursday and Friday and there are some good speakers lined up for all the sessions. The Higher Education Summit will have talks on topics ranging from Facebook-enabled classrooms to how to get your college’s Chancellor to Twitter.

If you’re coming, leave a note in the comments and maybe we can turn it into a meet-up.



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2 responses to “Blogging Indiana

  1. I’m kind of curious what you learn at this. Will look forward to “lurking” at your conference.

    • I’m sure this is the kind of conference where everybody will be live-blogging and twittering during the talks, so I’ll probably be doing that.