Email is the best way to get in touch with me. Please use robert [dot] talbert [at] gmail [dot] com, replacing the [dot] and [at] with . and @.

You can also find me online occasionally with AOL Instant Messenger. My screen name is rtalbert235.

Finally, you can follow me at Twitter, where I go by RobertTalbert. Feel free to add me as a friend.


10 responses to “Contact

  1. Queens Bridge to Medicine Program

    Where can one purchase this software?

  2. cmcgill

    Just wanted to say hi. I haven’t spoken with you in quite some time. I was writing tonight and your blog title came to my mind so I found it.

    I’d love to chat and catch up sometime!

  3. i need more information about productivity student in college…this information to complite my study,have you share to me information about it….thank you so much for your attention

    my best regards

    vytha h purwadi

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  5. Hi Robert,

    I see we entered our Top 10 Tools 2008 and appeared one after the other on Jane’s list. I think you are a Mac person, like me!

    My husband obviously is the Talbert. His father was born in Virginia, came to OZ during WW2.

    We have been to US twice and will visit again 2008-09.

  6. Ed Cramer

    Hi Robert, I am a 70 year old student! I am trying to give myself a liberal education. I would most appreicate it if you could advise me on some adult math books that might help me get through algebra, geometry, trigonomety, etc., so that I may advance to studying physics. I just barely graduated from high school and I am trying to learn more about the world in which I live. I have more time than money( I hope!), Thank You and Be Well, Ed

  7. Very good info!

    I’ve bookmarked this site!


  8. ines

    I am a humanities teacher and gave up maths after middle school. I would like to pick up where I left off, but would like something interactive rather than slogging on my own. I should appreciate any advice.

  9. anthony

    simply put, why is it that when you multiply any number , no matter how many digits, by the number nine, the answer when added together always comes back to the number nine ?

  10. This is a note on your post about differential equations (I didn’t see a comment box): I once tried to use three Dover books: the one you cited, Sanchez (for the systems stuff) and Dettman (for the linear algebra). It did NOT go over well; they complained that they other section had a better (albeit more expensive) book.

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