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Why I am not a Linux user any more

linux-desktop-i-want-to-believeFor the last couple of days I’ve been trying to install some new software on the Ubuntu Linux machine that my kids use in their playroom. Being able to get a real computer for the kids for about $75 (about half of which was spent on the monitor; the box itself is a castoff desktop from the college that I bought for $10) and run all the software they could possibly want to use at their age for free has been great. But having to deal with the technical side of Linux and the usability issues in software reminds me of why I no longer use Linux in my daily life.

Back in 2001, when I started my new job at my current institution, I took the plunge and installed Red Hat Linux on my school computer rather than Windows. I had a colleague at my former work who was a Linux zealot and I figured I would take the transition period to my new job to switch operating systems. At the time, one of the driving reasons for doing so was the simple realization that, although I used computers all the time in my work and at home, I really didn’t understand how computers work. I figured running Linux would allow me a chance to learn, as well as expose me to some very good open-source software.

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An Ubuntu Linux question

Question for the Linux people in the audience: I have a PC at home (don’t know the exact hardware stats offhand) that’s running WinXP. The machine is old and I have no idea where the install disc for WinXP is. And WinXP is driving me crazy on this machine for a number of reasons, so I’d like to think about switching it to Linux, specifically Ubuntu because it seems well-supported and I’ve had good experiences with Ubuntu. However, if I install Ubuntu and it doesn’t play nice with my PC, I don’t know where the WinXP install disc is and so I won’t be able to go back. And I’d rather not have to set up a dual-boot system; I know how to do that and manage the system, but the PC is for my kids and I want to keep it simple. 

So, is there a way to try out Ubuntu, just to make sure core hardware stuff like wifi works, without wiping stuff out and installing? 

UPDATE: The partitioning tools virusdoc was mentioning are: 


These were getting caught in the spam filter. 


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