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For the political junkie who has everything

Many people don’t know that Dover Publications, venerable publisher of good and cheap math books, also carries a wide selection of activity books for children. From that line, I think, comes a publication I wouldn’t have expected from Dover: John McCain and Barack Obama paper dolls.

No word yet on whether the paper doll versions have better ideas on education and energy than the real articles.

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Hillary rejected in South Bend on educational grounds

Indiana, usually a non-factor in Presidential politics because the lateness of our primary, has suddenly become a hot place to visit by Democratic candidates. But it looks like Hillary will have to keep on looking for a place to stop in South Bend tomorrow:

South Bend school officials have rejected a request by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to hold a rally in the Washington High School gym on Friday.

South Bend Community School Corp. board President Sheila Bergerson says Clinton’s visit would have interfered with the school day. She says plans called for juniors and seniors to attend the public rally.

School board members denied the request Wednesday night. Bergerson says she worried that the school corporation would give the impression it was endorsing Clinton.

Kudos to Washington HS for saying “no” to a disruption in the school day. And anyway, how is it that Presidential candidates can commandeer publicly-funded schools, during school hours, for campaign events? (Obama held a rally at Plainfield High School a couple of weeks ago, but it was on a Saturday.)

I’m going to be in South Bend tomorrow for the sectional MAA meetings. I wonder where Hillary will end up? I recommend here, although it would be hard to get up and rally the troops afterwards.

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This isn’t a political blog, but…

…comments like this one from Anderson Cooper’s blog just make me wonder what people are thinking. This is in answer to the question, “Have you decided for whom you are going to vote in the 2008 presidential election?”

Hillary has won my vote! She is the smartest woman I know and I think it is about time we get a woman running this country! Men have been in charge far too long and look at the mess our country is in. If the country seriously wants change I think Hillary is the only one that can make it happen.

It’s not so much the choice of candidate here as the reasoning. I understand that being smart is a good trait to have if you are going to be President, but honestly, what does the level of intelligence have to do with it? Should we simply administer an IQ test to each candidate and pick them that way? And what on earth does gender have to do with it? Should we just pick a candidate based on the least similarities to the office-holders for the last 10, 15, 20 years?

How about picking a candidate who has the best ideas, the greatest likelihood of improving the country, and the greatest commitment for executing the Constitution (which is, after all, what the President’s job is)? If you think that’s Hillary, then vote for her, but vote for the right reasons for goodness’ sake.

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