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Update on my “super powers”

So yes, I did actually go see a doctor this afternoon to see if my blurry-vision incident might be something serious. It wasn’t a TIA or a stroke, because apparently a TIA lasts for 30 minutes or so and includes all the symptoms of a stroke — slurred speech, immobility on one side of the body, and so on. This only lasted a few seconds and was just blurry vision. In fact nobody knows what might have caused that to happen; possibly a small blood clot or just a muscle spasm in my eye. 

But I just wanted everyone to know I did get it checked out. Especially virusdoc, whose comment got me to Google “TIA” which then put the fear of God into me and then got me to the ER — where I ended up in room 14, although I was really hoping for room 16 just to make the whole powers-of-2 thing complete. 


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