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Some programmer needs to make this a reality

From the always-inventive xkcd:



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Wednesday link-fest

You know, there’s some good stuff showing up in my RSS reader once I get a chance to read it:

  • There’s a 21-page paper titled “Are There Infinitely Many Primes?” over at arXiv. How do you write 21 pages on a question that was answered “yes” about 2500 years ago? You’ll have to go see for yourself.
  • xkcd turns the Turing Test around.
  • IHE has this article on dual enrollment (high school students taking college courses) and its benefits. I agree. I’ve been involved with a dual-enrollment program at my college, and I’m definitely preferring this approach over taking a so-called AP course taught and designed outside the auspices of a college that may or may not prepare students well for actual college courses.
  • Dana Huff is wondering whether there are programs out there that will donate laptops to teachers. There’s this program from the One Laptop Per Child project, but I’ve not seen a similar program for teachers looking for “grown-up” laptops. Anybody able to help her out?
  • Homeschool2.0 has a cartoon to share about the socialization of homeschooled kids.
  • Jackie at Continuities joins me in my skepticism about digital natives.

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